“Schön wie wir” makes a difference!

In 2016 we’ve started the campaign “Schön wie wir – für ein lebenswertes Neukölln” (“As beautiful as us - for a livable Neukölln”). Today we are a movement. Citizens, associations and companies join in. We are becoming bigger, stronger and more diverse. Our district is becoming more beautiful. Why should you join us? Because it makes fun and sense. The more we are, the more livable and beautiful Neukölln will be.

Though, a movement doesn‘t work by itself. Its tasks must be carried on many shoulders. The district authorities support and coordinate the various project partners such as the CRCLR House - a Berlin center for circular economy, coopolis - a planning office for cooperative urban development, the AG Urban, the associations wirBerlin e. V. and Taschengeldfirma e. V. and many others.


Through a number of projects we support and activate neighborhoods, finance playgrounds, clean sidewalks and plant flowers along the streets, promote recycling, upcycling and waste reduction in households and gastronomy, inform how to repair, share or dispose diverse objects as well as encourage more respect for the environment.

We love our district! And invest our energy and creativity to make it a better and more beautiful place to live! We need your ideas, your energy and your enthusiasm. Join us and be “as beautiful as us”!

Email us now at info@schoen-wie-wir.de to make Neukölln a better place by joining one of the many urban development activities!

We've translated the most important information for you here. You can find much in German. Have a look around.

Here you get directly to our projects (in German)



Do you own a café, a gas station, a pizzeria or a late shop where you offer your customers drinks or food to go? Or you are a customer interested in refilling your reusable cup with hot drinks? You’re tired of piles of waste?

Savor the flavor without waste

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